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Urban Beach

Live and Play!

A three-story modern villa home for a young urban family. The clients have a great sense of style, design and appreciate color but wanted practicality for the two young growing boys. We started on the first floor and worked on the dining room, living room, and entry.  We selected neutral greys for the upholstery but added pops of color and prints and a durable faux shagreen coffee table which also reflects their personality. For the dining table, we purchased a walnut mid-century dining table and had fun with the entry by adding deep teal woven grass-cloth with vintage mirrors floating on opposite walls. For the loft upstairs we had a little fun, purpose for this area was a space for kid's homework, a play area, and for the husband a place to watch football games. We designed a wall cabinet with cubbies that we added block color panels to a few of them for dimension, this housed all the toys behind the closed doors below and above we purchased vintage toys, Bakelite radios, retro telephones, and vintage typewriters for added pops of color. We added old photos for the shelving and vintage sports memorabilia.

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