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About Zoe Sibley

Zoe was born and raised in the UK and worked in different facets of the interior design business for over 10 years. She set up her business in

Los Angeles, California but recently her work has taken her Internationally. She specializes in residential design and has also worked on retail, a multi-residential ski development, as well as remodeling an Airstream.

She also set up the budget and interior layouts for a mountain residential development.

Her specialty is in building homes from the ground up, working with engineers, architects, contractors, and craftsmen. These builds are the most productive, working as a team ends up saving money for the clients in the long run by reducing change orders and mistakes by communication from on-site weekly meetings, plus reducing the stress on the clients.

Recently a job in Tangier, Morocco, there was a lack of natural fabrics.

We ended up sourcing the weavers and producing the actual fabric (wool yarn), the same with the furniture and fixtures. This created a bespoke mountain home true to the elements with all details done correctly to achieve an authentic Moroccan home. The final acquisition of sourcing antique and one of a kind items created the finishing touches in this one of kind home.

Our goal is to listen to the input of the client’s needs and desires, to produce a home that reflects their style and personality while working within the budget and time frame. To remove the burden (stress) from the clients, with problem-solving, solutions, and good communication.  To be available to answer questions that happen outside of business hours and take the time to follow up with answers. Problem-solving is a very large part of a design project and each home we put our heart into, making each client into close friends by the end of each project.

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